There are two things you must do when you visit Boston, check out Quincy Market and get a lobster roll in Boston. Would you go to Brooklyn NY without grabbing a slice of pizza? Or walk through Central Park without stopping for a hot dog from a vendor? Of course, not, so do be sure that you get a lobster roll in Boston. It is the flavor of the area and will give you something to remember.

There are 3 Steps

Once you try a lobster roll at Boston and Maine Fish Co you are going to want to know how to make one at home, while it will never be exactly that same, you can come close by learning these three steps. The fact is the process is not that complicated but it is labor intensive so you are going to have to roll up your sleeves to get the job done.

Step 1 the Lobster Culling

No one likes this part, but it is a fact, if you want a great lobster roll you must start with a live lobster. Lobster meat just does not hold up well once it is processed. If you buy frozen lobster, you are not going to get that fresh flavor that makes a lobster taste like a lobster. Fresh, alive is the only way to get the taste. You are going to have to dump that lobster in a vat of boiling water and throw a lid on it for a couple of seconds to make sure they do not escape.

Cooking time is short, very short. Do not overcook the lobster, it gets a little rubbery when you do. Cook it until it is a bright red. You could add seasoning right to the boiling water or a can of beer (yes a can of beer).

Step 2 Let it Cool

Before you start cracking and pulling apart, let it cool naturally. It is important not to cool with any cold water. Let it just sit for a few. Once you can handle it, crack and pull apart. For the roll use the tail meat and the claws, don’t chop it, just shred a bit.

Step 3 Add Mayo

This is not the time to experiment. Use a dressing like mayonnaise that you like. Add a few shakes of salt and some pepper.

Go to Boston and Maine Fish Co it’s just easier!