Seafood has always been a favorite for many people in Boston. From the lobster and other great seafood at Quincy Market to other great seafood restaurants in Boston, you will always be able to find someone eating seafood somewhere. However, if you are new to the Boston area, you might want to do some research first to find the best seafood in town to suit your needs. With that being said, read on below for a few tips to help you find the perfect seafood restaurant to eat in for you and your family.

Choose one that is Close

There are three things you should consider when searching for a seafood eatery.

  • How close it is to where you are staying
  • How close the eatery is to the seafood you will be eating
  • How fresh the seafood you will be eating is

Check the Variety

Before you head out to a local seafood place, check menus online to see which eatery offers the best variety. You don’t want to drive to a seafood place and find out that they only serve fish and no lobster or lobster but no crab. You want a place that has as many varieties of seafood as it takes to satisfy your cravings and fill you up.

Shop Around for Local

It is a proven fact that the local restaurants will have the freshest seafood. This isn’t to say; that chains don’t have great seafood. However, you will find the freshest at local eateries that prepare it as they go and buy their seafood from the local fisherman every day. Remember, eating the seafood that is local to the area you are in is your best shot at getting a fresh, quality meal.

Check Out the Quality

Quality seafood is always the best seafood you can buy. Remember that if you are sacrificing quality for a cheaper price, you can’t expect the food to be as good, and you are honestly risking your health and the health of your family by eating it. Seafood can be a dangerous thing if you don’t eat the best, remember that when you are looking at the prices on the menu. Only eat the best and your experience will be the best as well.

These are just a few tips for finding a great seafood restaurant. When it Boston, you don’t have to look any further than the Boston and Maine Fish Company to get the freshest seafood dishes around!