Anyone who has ever eaten a lobster roll in Boston knows that the roll is all about the lobster. If your lobster isn’t perfect and the roll isn’t made the right way, then you aren’t going to enjoy the lobster roll at all. There are a do’s and don’ts to follow when it comes to creating the perfect lobster roll, read on below for a few of them.

Do Crack, Clean, and Cook it the Right Way

The first thing you need to make absolutely sure of is that you have a living, kicking, and breathing lobster to make your rolls from. While this may seem cruel to you, live lobster is the best and the only way to get the sweet, plump, juicy lobster for the roll that you crave. Remember, frozen or precooked lobster isn’t the way to go if you want your rolls to be the best.

Don’t Make it a Lobster Salad Instead

The worst mistake you can make is turning those succulent bites of meat into teeny tiny slivers that are better suited for a lobster salad instead of the roll you are used to eating at your favorite seafood eatery in Boston. Stick to using the claw, knuckle meat, and tail for the roll and use the rest for something else and you should be fine.

Do Keep It Simple

While seasoning is a big part of any lobster roll in Boston, you want to keep your seasonings classic and true. An over seasoned roll can turn even the most diehard seafood fan off of your rolls forever. Go classic, simple, and stick with butter and the normal Boston seasonings and you will get raves about your rolls. They might not be as good as your favorite eatery for the rolls, but you will be in the running at least.

Don’t Overdo the Condiments

A true lobster roll needs very little to sell it, so don’t overdo the mayo and other dressings. No one wants a goopy mess to fall out of their roll when they are chowing down. Keep it simple and the roll will surely be a hit.

These are just a few of the do’s and don’ts of making perfect lobster rolls. Remember, there is only one place in Boston to get the best rolls around. The Boston and Maine Fish Company has the best of all seafood.