Seafood in Quincy market is easy to love. Here are some of the best reasons why we do:

They are Delicious

There are few things in life that taste as delish and divine on your tongue as a freshly cooked or an expertly prepared lobster, shrimp dish or plate of tuna. If you’ve never known the taste of crab or seafood that melts in your mouth, head out to the market now and grab yourself a bite.

They’re One of a Kind

There’s just something about the taste of lobster—that undeniable flavor of the sea, that indescribable taste of heaven in every spoonful, the succulence and flavor of the meat—that just can’t be beat.

They’re Perfect for Every Table

Whatever event you’re having—a wedding, birthday party or even a graduation celebration—seafood in Quincy market is a perfect addition to every table. Everyone loves great-tasting seafood. Once you serve this at your event, you’re sure to see your guests happy and with full bellies.

They’re Phenomenal with Cheese

Ever tried lobster, mac and cheese together? What about shrimp and cheese? Or even crab and cheese? If you love the taste of seafood and know just how magical it can be when paired up with cheese, then get to the market, head on over to your favorite restaurant and order a combo of this type off the menu.

They’re a Happy Booster

Food makes us happy. That’s what good food does to you. If it’s been a long week and you’re exhausted down to your bones, a simple order of a warm bowl of seafood in soup can warm you up from the inside and take your worries and stress away.

They’re the Perfect Food for Friends

There’s something fun about cracking those lobster claws open together with friends. Happily tear claws apart and suck the juices out. Eating seafood like lobsters, shrimps and crabs often entail an experience that’s primal and fun, one that should make for a lot of photos and selfies.

They Go with Everything

Want something light? Go for a lobster salad. Toss tender meat on those greens and dig in, says Chowhound. Ready for something a bit heavier? Grab a lobster roll instead, one with chips on the side. If you’re still in the mood for something more filling, a seafood risotto can set you to rights.

These are just a few of the best reasons why we love seafood. And why you should too. For fresh seafood, contact Boston & Maine Fish Company.