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22 05, 2019

How to Work Seafood into Your Diet and Your Travels!


Seafood is increasingly popular in the United States. Part of this increase may be the fact that seafood offers heart-healthy, lean protein and versatile dining with lower fat and calorie content than red meat. Considering trying something from the sea but not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions for those who are [...]

29 04, 2019

How to Pick a Seafood Restaurant Family and Friends Will Love


People love to eat. And we love to eat with family and friends. If you’re picking out a seafood restaurant in Boston for a family reunion or Sunday brunch, here are a few things you’ll want to consider. Ambiance Enjoying a meal in pleasant surroundings adds to the pleasure of the moment. It also makes [...]

29 04, 2019

7 Things a Foodie Shouldn’t Miss on a Trip to Boston


If you’ve got a day to spend in Boston and there’s nothing in the world you love to do than eat, here are a few things hard-core foodies like you shouldn’t miss. Start with a bowl of chowder Don’t leave without getting a taste of their seafood. The New England Chowder in Boston is well [...]

10 11, 2017

How to Shop, Store and Cook Fresh Lobster

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Lobster rolls, lobster sandwich, lobster claws and more. Succulent, tender meat. That's what most people think about when they think about lobsters. All but ready for a lobster feast? Here are a few tips to help you shop, store and cook for fresh lobster in Boston: Ask Around Recommendations, tips and suggestions from friends and [...]

10 11, 2017

Why Seafood is Perfect for Romantic Meals

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Looking to set up a romantic dinner date for two? Here's why you'll want to go with the best seafood in Faneuil Hall. In the Mood for Love Some types of seafood like oysters are considered as aphrodisiacs. Lobster is also known another one. With low-fat protein meat that naturally boosts dopamine and norepinephrine in [...]

15 04, 2017

Find A Great Seafood Restaurant


If you are visiting or live in the Boston area, you know there is never a short supply of finding a seafood restaurant. It is not that big of a surprise considering there is a year round availability of fresh catches. However, selecting the right seafood restaurant can be a little tricky if you do [...]