In the grand scheme of things, debates about clam chowder might not matter much. But if you’re from New England, you know why this dish rocks. Here’s how to find the best New England Chowder in Boston:


As with a lot of things in life, research can help you find the chowders you want. Go online and do a search on seafood restaurants in the area. That’s going to give you a general idea of where to order this dish.

Read Reviews

These days, it’s normal for consumers to go online and check for reviews and feedback before they buy anything or try out a service. Take advantage of these reviews as well. Check out what other people say about the restaurant. Do they love or hate the food? This could help you avoid bad eating places and find absolute gems of restaurants instead.

Ask People

Reach out to friends and family. Ask them about their favorite restaurant that serves New England Chowder in Boston. If they’ve got a discerning palate, then getting their recommendations can help point you in the right direction.

Cook It

If you still can’t decide on a restaurant, then why not cook the dish yourself? Just be sure to shop for fresh seafood. Discerning customers will take one spoonful of your chowder and know right away if used fresh ingredients or not.

Hearty or Light?

Make your chowder hearty if you want taste that’s typical of traditional New England chowders. However, you can also try for lighter versions. Plater offers one example.

Customize It

You can also fill up your soup bowl with all sorts of seafood that you like. It’s going to be entirely up to you. However, be sure that all the ingredients you use fuse into a well-rounded, delicious blend of flavors and tastes.

Order It

If you haven’t got the skills to cook this one—if boiling an egg is a culinary triumph for you—then it’s best if you simply find a restaurant in the area that doesn’t just offer fresh seafood but cooks and prepares it as well. If you want seafood that’s expertly done, then putting in an order at a restaurant makes for much better sense.

Save on Time and Money

By ordering your chowder, you don’t just spare yourself the stress and hassle, you also save yourself a bit of time and money.

Want that hearty chowder? Order it from us.