Are you a seafood lover? If so, have you fully experienced all that lobster has to offer? Some will say that you haven’t really had seafood or experienced all it has to offer if you haven’t had the opportunity to indulge in a lobster roll in Boston. Of course this sounds quite dramatic if you’re not a seafood lover. However, seafood lovers that have had a lobster roll perfectly understand. What exactly is in a lobster roll that makes it so appetizing and delicious? Well choice lobster to start as well as other fresh ingredients. The key is to make sure you’re dining in a great seafood market with plenty of menu selections including the greatly hailed lobster roll.

What Exactly Is a Lobster Roll?

Picture succulent and tasty lobster being stuffed into a puffy and delicious deli roll and you’ve got the beginnings of a delicious lobster roll. While different restaurants will argue that their lobster roll is the best, there are a few details that should never be compromised. Basically it consists of lobster meat with a mayonnaise base that resembles a lobster salad. Some lobster rolls include melted butter drizzled over the lobster itself instead of mayonnaise. Both types of lobster rolls are amazing and are served on a bun. A lobster roll is considered to be a sandwich and is typically eaten with sides such as French fries, coleslaw and pickles.

What’s the Secret to the Best Lobster Roll?

The most important factor that is going to either make or break a lobster roll is how good the lobster is. When the freshest, tastiest lobster is used the sandwich itself is unforgettably delicious. The lobster is the actual star of the show. That’s why it’s important to eat at seafood markets and restaurants that pride themselves on serving only the best of the best.

The Great Lobster Debate

One of the greatest debates that surround lobster rolls is where they originated. They seem to have originated in New England around the 20th century. Since hot dog buns weren’t even created until 1912 this stands to reason. A real lobster roll is always prepared on a hot dog bun. Many cities still debate over which version is a true lobster roll. Should it be served hot or should it be served cold? The debate will linger since some mysteries aren’t ever solved. Regardless, until they’re resolved grab another lobster roll so you can enjoy some food for thought.