Steamed Lobster

The best way to enjoy your lobster is to cook and eat it fresh as a whole the same day you buy them. There are many ways to cook lobsters. Each method has got its own taste. Steamed lobsters are the most loved, because when eaten with melted butter and steamed vegetable, it has an awesome taste. The different ways of cooking a fresh lobster is by steaming, boiling, grilling or broiling.

Why Steamed Lobsters are Preferred over Boiled Lobsters

Steaming lobsters is a gentle technique and the steamed ones are tender when compared to boiled lobsters. They are less messy to cook, retain the flavor and preserve the fresh taste of the lobster. Steaming is slower than boiling, so there is generally very little chance of it getting overcooked. Moderate overcooking causes toughening of the meat and loss of flavor. Steaming lobsters is also the best method for those who are trying to cook lobsters for the first time.

Instructions for Preparing Steamed Lobsters

Fill a large pot with about 2 inches of water. Add salt and stir. The pot should be big enough to hold all the lobsters correctly. Set a steamer rack in the pot. Boil the water over high heat. Add the live lobsters one by one, head first into the pot. Cover the pot with a tight lid and bring the water to a maximum boil. After about 7 to 8 minutes, carefully open the lid and shift the lobsters a bit for them to cook evenly. Reduce the heat and cook again till the lobster turns bright red. To test if it is ready, use the tips below. Remove the lobsters from the pot using tongs. Once cooked, cool it, crack open and remove the lobster meat from its shell.

How to Verify if the Steamed Lobster is Ready

  • You should try to pull an antenna or a small walking leg. If the antenna comes out easily then the lobster is cooked.
  • Meat within the lobster should be white, firm and opaque.
  • The color of the tomalley, or liver, within the body cavity should be greenish-yellow.
  • If the roe seen inside female lobsters looks firm and is dark orange-red in color and not greenish-black, then the lobster can be considered to be cooked.

Finally, you can melt some butter in a pan, add a dash of lime to the butter for a tangy taste, a dash of pepper and enjoy steamed lobsters. For the best lobster Main has to offer, come visit us a Boston and Maine Fish Company in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston. Visit our lobster bar or choose a fresh lobster right out of our tank. Steamed lobster is one of our specialties!