Looking to set up a romantic dinner date for two? Here’s why you’ll want to go with the best seafood in Faneuil Hall.

In the Mood for Love

Some types of seafood like oysters are considered as aphrodisiacs. Lobster is also known another one. With low-fat protein meat that naturally boosts dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain, says Mainely Lobster, the heightened sensitivity can definitely make for a more memorable evening. Having these served on your dinner date is an excellent way to get the meal off to a romantic start.

Great Bonding Exercise

If you’ve ever watched Annie Hall, you know that one of the iconic scenes in that film is when Annie and Alvy have fun while boiling lobster together. You could easily turn this into a bonding experience. There’s no doubt that it will get both of your pulses racing if the lobsters try to get away or jump out of the pot.

Fun Way to Eat

There’s something raw and primal about eating lobster. You take the body apart, suck out juicy meat and enjoy the taste of the sea. There’s also usually butter and lemon in the mix and when you take a bite, a delicious blend of flavors will burst on your tongue. Gaze into each other’s eyes while you savor the taste of the tender meat in your mouth.

Fun Way to Clean Up

When it’s time to clean up, you get to do this together too. After you’ve swept off the shells into the bin, reach out to wipe off excess sauce from each other’s skin, soft and slow. Cleaning up after enjoying a seafood dinner can easily put you and your special someone in the moment.


With so many reasons to serve seafood during a romantic dinner or meal, you’ll want to head on over to a reputable supplier for the best seafood in Faneuil Hall. Don’t have one? Here are qualities you’ll want to consider before you pick a supplier:

  • Experience. Long-standing experience counts for a lot. You’ll want suppliers that have considerable experience in the field.
  • Quality. Are the lobsters fresh? Are they carefully handled and transported? Will you get your money’s worth? Be sure to find out.
  • Customer service. The best suppliers are easy to communicate with. They’re responsive and answer promptly whether to your calls or texts.

Want to get all three qualities in one? Order your seafood from Boston & Maine Fish Company.